Emily Chow Bluck

Kenzo Unno, a Japanese architect in Tokyo, devised methods to cast beautifully shaped walls with thin, flexible textile sheets. These methods are collectively called “Unno Reinforced Concrete.”

When we don’t have enough time

Sitting in lecture hall. “Let’s think about your teaching.” Yes. Reflection—a worthy aspiration, but not always possible. I am only half listening. When we don’t have enough time to accomplish all the things we need to, let alone want to, we fold it in half, overlapping, compressing it to fit as many inches of fabric into one square foot of temporal reality. I multitask to survive. But the sad thing is that I can’t fully take in, digest all the I want to or should because all my attention is halved. Even if I’m not actively working on another task of say doing my homework while sitting in lecture, I would still be THINKING of all the homework and other assignments I need to finish before the day’s through that I wouldn’t be able to fully concentrate anyway.

Time is a zero sum game that I keep trying to beat.

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